Molí del Mig

Eco-friendly hotel

Hotel Molí del Mig by URH is aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly and, with this purpose, it carries out the following actions:

From the creation of Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park and our recent inclusion (2019) in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS), we have taken our commitment to the environment even further. We have new projects planned, including energy saving, promoting the values of the Natural Park and local development.

Environmental protection actions

For us, our relationship with the environment is a priority. This is applied in different ways:

  • The renovation of the old mill and the expansion of the new facilities were carried out taking into account their integration into the landscape.
  • The rural factor was combined with design and architecture.
  • The garden concept takes into account the reinforcement of the native landscaping.
  • The objective of our bike-tourism and hiking routes offering is, among others, for guests to discover the surroundings.
  • Waste containers have been visually hidden.
Molí del Mig
Molí del Mig

In order to responsibly manage water consumption, the following measures have been implemented:

  • Toilets with 2 volumetric devices
  • Use of rain water for watering

Different energy-saving measures have also been implemented:

  • Use of solar panels to heat water
  • Lighting with energy-efficient light bulbs (LED)
  • Presence sensors in the hotel corridors and some outdoor spaces
  • Energy shutdown when guests leave their room
  • Air-conditioning shutdown when windows are open
Molí del Mig
Molí del Mig

Waste management carried out responsibly.

  • Organic products are separated from paper, glass and plastic and oils and fats are also separated in the kitchen. We also minimise the purchase of packaged products as well as the use of plastic utensils.
  • The use of chemical products is minimised. Salt instead of bleach is used to disinfect the swimming pool.
  • In order to avoid noise pollution, we minimise the noise coming from our own equipment and machines, adding protective barriers.

Information and local heritage awareness service for clients.

  • We provide our clients with information about the area’s natural and cultural resources: Natural Parks (particularly the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park), cultural heritage sites, cultural events, shows, concerts, exhibitions, etc.
  • We also offer information on all local signposted bike-tourism and hiking routes.
  • We have recovered and placed value on the different cultural elements of the hotel building’s heritage: the old mill, the irrigation, the pond, the shields, the windows, the well, the sundial, etc.
  • We have a library which contains comprehensive natural, cultural, landscape and literary information of the local area.
Molí del Mig
Molí del Mig

Fostering sustainable mobility

  • With the objective of fostering sustainable mobility, we provide a bicycle-rental service as well as secure storage for them.
  • We also provide information on circular routes from the hotel for cyclists, hikers and Nordic walking in order to discover and enjoy the area even more.

Fostering the economic development of local products

  • We promote local cuisine and its products (wine, cheese, rice, oil, tea…).
  • We offer our clients an apple-tasting session during harvest season, as well as information on where to buy them directly from the farmer.
  • 80% of our staff lives locally.
  • We collaborate with charities such as Red Cross and Action Against Hunger.
Molí del Mig
Molí del Mig

Client commitment to sustainability

  • We offer bed linen and towel changes according to our client’s wishes.