Molí del Mig

Spa & Yoga Centre

The spa at Molí del Mig by URH hotel is a touch of heaven for inspiration, contemplation and self-knowledge. It was created with the intention of forming a therapeutic family, offering complementary therapies and organising leisure activities linked to well-being. Our proposal defines a lifestyle focused on the need to balance body, emotions and mind in an exquisite space. In order to reach this status, the spa of Molí del Mig by URH hotel follows the latest trends and its cultural heritage.

Relaxing massage

60 min. – 110 € / 90 min. – 159 €

This therapeutic massage is really efficient and it uses a combination of firm and soft pressure to remove pain and tension caused by stress and muscle knots. The oil is applied on the body with the therapist’s hands and forearms. This relaxing massage stimulates and energises the senses and brings back harmony to the body’s flow and functioning.

Molí del Mig
Molí del Mig

Aromatherapy massage

60 min. – 110 € / 90 min. – 159 €

The combination of scented oils and massage creates a feeling of rejuvenation, freshness and physical relaxation which stimulates the mind.

Tension relief massage

60 min. – 110 € / 90 min. – 159 €

Combination of relaxing and specific massages which will loosen up your contracted muscle fibres and the lactic acid accumulated in them. The treatment begins by loosening up the feet and shoulders, which stimulates blood circulation, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the organs.

Molí del Mig
Molí del Mig

Feet reflexology

60 min 110 €

Foot massage that relaxes and activates the whole body. Pressure is applied to specific reflex points that correspond to organs and body systems.

Molí del Mig

Molí Del Mig Ritual

Body scrub + Relaxing Massage

90 mins. – 145€

Therapeutic experience which provides skin oxygenation, nutrition and regeneration while stimulating blood circulation, giving your skin more freshness and elasticity.

Molí del Mig

Costa Brava Ritual

Reflexology + Relaxing massage

90 min €159

An hour-long relaxing massage followed by a thirty-minute foot massage revitalizes all body systems and stimulates the mind. Unforgettable therapeutic experience designed to enter a state of well-being.

Yoga classes

60 mins. 30€ (group classes for minimum 2 people – advance booking required)

Therapeutic experience that provides oxygenation, nutrition and regeneration of the skin and that stimulates blood circulation, providing freshness and elasticity to the skin.

Molí del Mig

Opening times

Open from Monday to Sunday (advance booking required)

We recommend that you book your treatment in advance to guarantee its availability. If you wish to cancel your treatment, please do so 24 hours or more in advance in order to avoid a 50% charge. Credit card required for the booking.

    Conditions & recommendations

  • We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to have time to shower and get changed.
  • Please notify us of any health problem, allergies and injuries so we can offer you the best personalised service.
  • The therapeutic team at Molí del Mig by URH hotel is not responsible for any accident or injury suffered by a guest.